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Palliative Care Services

Palliative Hospice Care

Hospices are available to individuals living in the Edmonton area who are in their last days to weeks of life and whose care needs can no longer be met at home.

The Edmonton Zone PEOL Care program delivers residential hospice care in partnership with the contracted providers listed below. Referrals to hospice can only be made by a Palliative Care Consultant. If you think hospice may be right for you or your loved one, talk to your family physician

For more information click here:
List of Edmonton Zone Hospices

Palliative Consultation Services in Hospitals

What palliative care is offered in hospitals?

In a hospital, the patient's doctor needs to ask for a palliative care consult. The palliative care consultant can help your doctor plan your care in hospital and discharge including home or hospice.

Palliative consultation services are available at all hospitals and facilities across the Edmonton Zone.

Palliative Home Care

What is palliative home care?

Palliative home care is palliative care provided in people's homes. People who have palliative home care are people who want to be cared for at home, have needs which can be met by the program, have a home where care can be provided, have a doctor who agrees to care for them there, may choose to die at home, have an Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan or agree to pay the cost of care at home.

What services does palliative home care include?

The services include: assessing the person's care needs, planning how to look after pain and other symptoms, emotional support, and seeing that all parts of the care provided work for the person. Other services may be provided such as:having a person come into the home so the person providing care may have a break, washing/bathing, equipment/supplies, and volunteers.

How can I receive palliative home care?

Anyone can call Palliative Home Care at (780) 496 - 1300 at any time.

Tertiary Palliative Care

What is the tertiary palliative care unit?

This is a patient care unit at the Grey Nuns Hospital for people having very difficult symptoms such as severe pain. The Unit serves all of northern Alberta. Medical care on the unit is provided by palliative care specialists, but a family doctor may visit at any time. As a person's symptoms improve, he or she will be moved to receive care at home or to one of the hospices. This planning is done with the patient, the family and the palliative care staff. When a person leaves the unit, the family doctor is notified.

How do people come to the tertiary palliative care unit?

The palliative care consultants can make a referral for admission to the unit.

Where is the tertiary palliative care unit?

The Tertiary Palliative Care Unit is Unit 43 at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital 1100 Youville Drive West Edmonton, AB T6L 5X8. For more information call (780) 735 - 7044.