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Advance Care Planning

What is Advance Care Planning?

Advance care planning is a process of discussion between yourself and your loved ones and may even include your health care providers, financial and legal professionals about how you would like your future health and care to be planned in the event that you become incapable of making your wishes known about treatment and other forms of care. It involves personal reflection on your own values and wishes.

If you would like to know more about advance care planning in general you may visit the websites


What is a Personal Directive?

A personal directive is a legal document that enables you to identify and name a person or persons you wish to make decisions for you in the event that you should lose your mental ability. It lists the areas in which you give them decision making authority. This document may also comprise of a list of instructions you would like followed (for example, your wish to refuse artificial nutrition or hydration) as long as it is not illegal (eg. euthanasia).

In Alberta, to create a personal directive is a choice and is not required. However, a personal directive allows you and your family to avoid any uncertainty around who will make your decisions following any loss in mental capacity. It also provides you with insurance that your wishes involving care will be respected.

For more information on personal directives and how to make a personal directive, please visit the Government of Alberta website on personal directives.